Saturday, April 6, 2013


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miracle at Fort Custer

I want to share somthing with you that happened to me. It's a short accounting of a real miracle.

This narrative is not fiction, but documents what I consider to be an actual miracle which involved my life. You may read it and draw your own conclusions. Many people go through life looking for proof that God exists. This miracle came to me even though I am solidly steeled in my belief in God. If I find others who are moved by this I will publish Volume 2 with the bulk of the letters.

This miracle came to me as I was on a quest. This summer I picked up on documenting my predecessors. I had done some work earlier in my life with the help of my first wife and the Mormon Church (Yes, I’m a member, and have been for many years). Not to belabor the issue, I was not looking for God. He has visited me with miracles throughout my life. I do not think I have done anything exceptional to deserve this. I am accepting that this as part of a plan of which I am a part. My challenge in this life is to understand that plan and my role in it.

I believe that we have free agency. God does not drive our lives. Our lives are not pre-ordained. I also believe that God listens to our prayers and provides for our our needs if we are deserving.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ROY RAGE - My new Science fiction ePub Book

Roy lived on Boliar and Roy was Mad.  Being mad was not unusual for Roy.  If you were to ask his mother, she would tell you Roy was born mad.  But you can’t ask his mother as she had died from a freak mine cave-in years ago.  Roy’s dad couldn’t take it and offed himself shortly afterwards.  Roy really wasn’t a bad person at heart, he just felt the world had slighted him, and he was going to balance the scale.

Boliar needed fixing.  It needed repair all the time.  Over four hundred thousand years ago colonist from earth flocked here because it was a uniquely rich land for minerals and had vast underground water reserves.  Boliar had been devoid of life or surface features.  It had no hills, lakes, or weather.  No one knew for sure how it had gained it’s earthlike atmosphere, and at this point in it’s history, no one really cared.

The early settlers decided to encompass the planet with a habitat structure which would not leave one square inch of surface visible.  The new metals and technology they brought to Boliar could be easily fabricated here, so build they did.  Within one thousand years, the first KM thick of cover layer was built.  Within another thousand, two KM thickness layer were added.  The thubs [Transport hubs] made it all possible.  Anything could be moved anywhere.  It wasn’t long until the floating cities of Upperworld were built.

Just Beneath the Surface Volume 6

Just Beneath the Surface Volume 6 is an ongoing collection or series of God-centric, family-centric Prose Poetry, which is reflective of my journey through this part of my life. Enjoy.  Reviews appreciated.  Tell your friends

Saturday, July 7, 2012

God Particle… I Don’t think so.

Higgs Boson particle found... maybe.  Great, but I for one refuse to call it the God Particle.  All particles were created by God, this one has no specific religious value, and I for one do not worship it.  In the end I have to ask So What!!! It can't feed anyone, it can't shelter anyone, It doesn't behave differently once found. We can’t collect them separately in a bucket and make things from them.  It just means more questions and more money spent on more esoteric questions. Let's focus on fusion energy or useful things.

Cern cost approximately $10 Billion USD with a $250 Million USD+ budget a year to run.

Now down to brass tacks.  Who on this earth was in charge of this fiasco and why hasn’t he/she been fired.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m for science… Good science.  This project has not been thought out with any degree of economic fruitfulness in mind.  If this had been well done, it would be built under a theme park, with all sorts of things built into it.  Think about it, who wouldn’t want to go into a scary tunnel with flashing lights, sparks and noises appropriate for the theme.\?  Can you imagine a Go Kart track running the circle?  How about Olympic training tracks?  Homeless sheltering?  I know, a special port where hot dogs could be zapped and cooked almost instantly?  It might make a good X-ray machine or who knows what?  I know it would have tourist attraction.  How about housing criminals there?  The list goes on and on.  You see where I’m going with this.  I would withhold all future funding if no multiple use could be defined and implemented.  How smart can these people be if they overlooked the obvious self-support possibilities of this place?  God is probably thinking we failed him somehow.  To spend all this money and feed and shelter no one.  To use that much of earth’s space and benefit so very few.  For shame.

How many people went to bed feeling life is better for this.  Ask yourself, how was your life made better by this, and was it worth the price?

My further disappointment is that we have put a priority on this part of our science over other science.  Are we saying that building physically larger science is humanly better than other science?  Think about what has happened.  Whether telescopes or reactors or buildings we are obsessed with building it bigger under the pretense of vague science.  Do you think for a second that if someone proposed they could have found the Higgs Boson with a small building and 10 Billion dollars anybody would fund the project?  I think not.  So the obvious conclusion is we have become a society which values science in dollars and acres, not real contribution to humanity.  So sad.

I suggest if you have to do this kind of  science, you must propose at least three real, doable multiple uses for a facility before one shovel hits the dirt.  The real contribution of science in the future must spell out clearly what the foreseeable human benefits are.  Convince a board of non-scientific people, preferably good business people.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Just Beneath the Surface Volume 5 is an ongoing collection or series of God-centric, family-centric Prose Poetry, which is reflective of my journey through this part of my life. Free untill it goes prime.